Preparing For Your Headshot

There are a few things you can do to improve the quality of your portrait to get the best result. You should check the other portraits your organization displays or speak the graphics or PR person to discover their dress suggestions. It might be uncomfortable if you’re the only one in a polo shirt. Also, you likely know the image you want to project with your portrait. Whether conservative or casual, this is your chance to make it happen. 


You want to project an image of a confident, together guy. Proper grooming is essential. Get your hair cut a day or two before your portrait. If your beard grows fast, bring a razor, even if it doesn’t, and your appointment is in the afternoon, it might still be a good idea. Think about bringing a comb or a brush as well. Wear comfortable clothes; it’s important that they fit well, are clean, and not wrinkled or rumpled. Solid colors work best, preferably not very dark nor white.


Keep jewelry small and to a minimum; if it’s big and shiny, it may reflect the lights in an unattractive way or draw attention from your face. Wear your usual make-up, using a basic foundation to even skin tones and reduce shine. Like jewelry, make-up really should not be overdone. Bright colored clothes or bold prints also pull attention from your face. Solids and simple patterns are best. Long sleeves are usually better than short. Make sure that your clothes are comfortable, fit properly, and are clean and well-pressed. Consider bringing your outfit to the studio on a hanger; that way, it will look fresh, not like you’ve been wearing it all day.


Have fun! Try to relax and enjoy the process. Let your personality project so the portrait can reveal the real you.